My Doll Collection...My Dollection!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thrift Shop Haul

I'm gonna pop some tags...only got $20 in my pocket...well...I had a 30% off coupon in my pocket!!

This whole lot cost me $27!!  As I dumped my armload on the counter to pay, the cashier said "Those just came in this morning!".  I replied with "Well, it's a good thing I came in today, then!".  There was so much more I wanted to get...but I had to cap it off somewhere!

I got: 2 Bratzillaz (one I bought just for the shoes...since I already have Meygana sans shoes.  Her hair is also soooo bad, I want to try and reroot her), Honey Swamp, Catrine DeMew, Spectra, Ghouls Alive Deuce (all with shoes, clothes, and most of their accessories), an Abbey Bominable with Cupids dress and shoes (I scoured the racks looking for a Cupid but couldn't find one), 2 bags of Kelly dolls and a Twilight Barbie doll.

I haven't shown you guys my Monster High collection yet...but it's really quite disgusting how many I have!  Ha ha!  I just love them.  I've learned a few lessons buying them from thrift shops and second hand, though, after I've gotten so many without limbs/clothes/shoes.  The prices can vary quite a bit as well, I guess it depends who's working pricing that day and how much they know about dolls.  $3.99 for a fully clothed doll is a good price, though, in my books.

Found this doll in with the Kellys:

I posted for help to ID her on a Disney FB page... and turns out she is Perfume Princess Fairy Godmother made by Mattel.  She did come with her original dress on; but without the little cape.

Photo from eBay...this particular listing has her priced at $59.95 USD!!
I'm so excited to go play with them!  Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I'm Sure I'm not the only one...

To have done this:

Also, seriously Mattel?  Did you have to plastic tie the sunglasses to her face??

This was horrible to remove!!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Rooting a Liv Doll

Every time I place an order with, I add a "grab bag" to my order.  You get 5 random bags of hair for $10.  With the last order for the Golden Goddess hair (for the Steffi faced Barbie), I got a bag that had 4 small hanks of different colors.  Among those were yellow, blue, and a darker pink (fushia?).  Anyhoo...the colors reminded me of the face make up on a Liv Twist and Dance doll I have, I believe her to be Sophie.  Naturally, I decided I wanted to root her with the colored hair.

However, there was the glaring issue of the wig hole...
What do I put in here???

I consulted the hubs, who always has a solution to everything...he suggested silicone caulk...

I had to let it "cure" for 24 hours...insert Jeopardy waiting song here...

Poked some holes...
I've never made my own root pattern before.  I tried the side part; since her scalp paint seems to naturally have a side part.
And just started going to town adding colors...until I ran out and had to pick another color from the random grab bag stash...

Started with the yellow

Then added blue.

Then the dark pink...and then I had to chose another color.  I picked the bicolored one.

I only broke 2 rooting needles during the whole process.  The plastic is stiffer than a Barbie's head.  Hubby ended up finding a larger sewing needle and cutting the end at an angle for me, which worked much better on the thicker plastic!

All finished!  The part is a bit thin, but I ran out of the other colors so I could't add more in.  Overall I am happy with her!  I wanted to rebody this head to a more articulated Sophie body, rather than the Twist and Dance, but I didn't have one in my stash.  I'll have to keep my eyes out at the thrift shops.

The back.

Thanks for looking!  I hope to root another Liv doll!

Update:  The hubs has offered to produced the more heavy duty needles to order, should anyone be interested in purchasing :)

Friday, April 8, 2016

My Second Re-root

Remember her from a previous post?  Well, my order from DollyHair came recently, and I finally got to re-root her!

I chose Golden Goddess

Before the boil wash.  I read somewhere the analogy that when you're finished re-rooting your doll will look like a troll.  I like that analogy!

After the boil wash

I think she turned out beautifully!  I love the color; the pics don't do it justice.  This was my first time thatching a part as well.  Now i just need to give her new lipstick and an outfit!

Now I have a Midge that will be my next victim...errr...client.

Thanks for looking!