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Monday, June 6, 2016

Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi

I was at Goodwill a few days ago, and found a doll that interested me.  She had a funky short hair do, and magnets (I think) on one of her hands.  I touched it, and she made some garbled sound like she's supposed to talk but needs new batteries. I picked her up and continued looking through the shelves of loose dolls.  I found a similar doll, with longer hair, with the same magnet thingies on her opposite hand.  

I started Googling when I got home, they are stamped with "Cartoon Network" on their backs and "Hi Hi" on their molded undergarments.  I figured out they are characters from "Puffy Amiyumi", a Japanese pop duo.  There was also a cartoon based off the band on Cartoon Network, called "Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi".  However these dolls have been molded in the likeness of the actual girls, not the cartoon characters.  There was even a game made for Nintendo DS.

Photo from Wikipedia

While I was scrolling through photos of the dolls in boxes, I realized that one of the outfits I had seen on a different doll in the store.  Yep, I went back to the store and got the doll the outfit was on!

Photo from eBay listing.  The jacket and skirt were on a clone Barbie doll at Goodwill.  The top isn't the right one; but the one she has fits her perfectly, (along with the jeans she had on) so I'm not sure if there were extra fashion packs made or not.

I tried the other pair of jeans and jacket (on right), on a Bratz doll, but they were too big.

The doll the outfit was on.  I don't usually like clone dolls, but I kind of like this one.  Her hairstyle is nice and she has a pretty face.  The coat fit her fairly well, but the skirt would not close in the back.

I replaced the batteries.  Each girl has their own set of phrases they say when you touch the magnet thingies on their hands, and when they touch each other's hands they sing, *almost* in unison.  The timings are a little off so the song sounds a bit muddled.  I didn't record a video of it.  You're welcome.  My youngest daughter likes them, she loves dolls that sing.

While they have larger feet,  I couldn't get them to stand on their own.  I wish they had shoes.  Drat.  The toes are actually molded well and even have toenails.
The one on the left is Yumi, the one on the right is Ami.
The knees are jointed, but the arms aren't very articulated.  Each doll's bent arm (with the magnet thingies) rotates at the upper arm,  but it doesn't look like they could actually be posed to play a guitar (like they are supposed to come with in the boxes).
Apparently the original group name was just "Puffy"...until they got a cease and desist  from Sean "Puffy" Combs.

Thanks for looking!