My Doll Collection...My Dollection!

My Doll Collection...My Dollection!

My Jem doll collection, from left to right:

Pizzazz of the Misftis, Aja of the Holograms, Kimber of the Holograms, Jem/Jerrica (my own since childhood), Rock 'n Curl Jem, and Flash 'n Sizzle Jem.  All the dolls are second hand to me; except for the Jem specified.  They need some clothes!  One day I'll try making some, as ordering from eBay will cost me my first born  AND my right arm.  Sadly; Pizzazz is suffering from a bad case of doll pattern baldness (visible from the back).  I have ordered some hair to attempt re-rooting.  I'll let you know how that goes.

My Liv Doll collection (for now):

From left to right:  Katie, Sophie, Alexis, Daniela x 2, and Hayden x 2.  These are ALL thrift store finds.  As you can see, some of the wigs need some brushing which I haven't got around to yet.  Katie was actually new in the box for around $12.  If I'd known then that the line was discontinued, I'd have kept her in the box.

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