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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Walmart Toy Hunt

I went to Walmart today for some groceries, and decided to swing by the toy aisles.  Last time I was there, the shelves were practically bare.  So today I was excited to finally start seeing some new stuff. Yay!  Sadly, it was very disorganized.  There were Barbies mixed in with the Disney Princesses, and Barbie things mixed in with the Monster High things.  Nevertheless, I still found cool stuff.

I started looking for the new Barbie Video Game Hero dolls, as I really want the one with the pixelated outfit.  Instead I found these two:

While they are cute, and I like the one that has a game on the dress, I didn't get any, since they weren't what I really wanted.

In the Monster High section, I was looking for the new Electrified line, specifically Silvi Timberwolf. They only had Clawdeen.  They also had some new Series 2 Minis, Clawdeen with her locker, and Lagoona with her scooter.

 There were some new Sparkle girls, they were some Kelly sized dolls.

 The Barbie section was the most exciting for me.  There were new Fashionistas, fashion packs and accessory packs.  There were even some of the career line dolls with the new body types!  So cool!

A curvy Barbie scientist, including a microscope!

New fashions that are supposed to fit all the new body types!  I picked up one of each.

New accessory packs, including food stuffs, cleaning supplies, musical instruments, and shoe packs that specified which of the new body types they would fit.  I got a lot of these.

A picture of the Barbie accessories mixed in with the Monster High things.  So frustrating, and an OCD nightmare!

A curvy body popstar, at least it looked like a curvy body to me.

This farmer girl was cute!

A petite body baker!  I got her!  Oh, and the little barbecue plays set beside her.
I also bought a new Fashionista, which I forgot to get a picture of.  She's the AA one that has the molded braids on one side of her head, and blond curls on the other.

Okay, so today's shopping wasn't exactly thrifty, but it was all stuff that excited me and things I've been waiting to find, like the new fashions and accessories!!

Monday, January 30, 2017

My Current Workspace

I have a few projects on the go currently, and yes that's my kitchen table, ha ha! We don't need to eat there, right?

I can't stand waiting for paint and glue to dry, so I have a few different things to do while waiting.

I have a giant Shopkins I'm working on, with a large plastic ring from Dollar Tree.

A Monster High Abbey that had a broken leg being turned into a mermaid.

An Elsa head that I'm rerooting (the one from a previous post who's hair I couldn't fix).

A vintage Barbie clone (or Farbie, as by DH has coined them. Fake Barbie = Farbie) that I'm rerooting and touching up the makeup on. I don't find her a particularly attractive clone, so I feel like I'm putting "lipstick on a pig", so to speak. I'm going to try and sell her if she looks okay in the end. I'm not sure if she made it into the photo.

I'll be doing more detailed posts about each project as I finish them.

What are you working on?
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Friday, January 20, 2017

Walmart Sale

I don't have a photo right now, but I went to Walmart yesterday, and while the majority of the shelves were still empty, the MTM Barbies were on sale for $10.  I grabbed the only 2 left on the shelf. They are the blue shirt ones with brown hair.

I drove to the other Walmart in town, but they didn't have any. Boo.

The Fashionistas were also on sale, but I didn't buy any. I looked at the short purple haired one, but her hair looked so glued down I put her back on the shelf.

I'm hoping this sale means they are getting new stock soon.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

More toy jewelry

I made a bracelet from thrifted Barbie shoe singles...and sold it!

Also my first Shopkins bag necklace. Made it little girl size. Trying to sell it.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Thrift shop haul

I received a gift certificate to a local thrift shop for Christmas, so yesterday I went thrifting!

I got soo much stuff! There were lots of Monster High dolls there, and I picked the ones that were most complete and ones I didn't already have. I do already have Venus and Robecca...but not *these* ones. Plus, they have outfits, shoes and all of their limbs!

I don't collect a lot of Ever After High, but I love that doll's sweets themed outfit, and the boy is pretty handsome.

A couple older My Little Ponies, I love the older ones that actually resemble ponies, unlike the newer versions that look like some sort of bird, ugh.

The large Draculaura I got at a different thrift shop, and she was 25% off. Her outfit looks complete!

The vintage perm rods look like they'd be good for hairstyles. The lady at the till laughed when she saw those. She asked me "What are you going to do with these?", then proceeded to tell me a funny story of when her friend tried to use them when she was younger.

I also got some beads for crafting, and some Shopkins bags (I saw on Pinterest a shopkins necklace made from the bags I want to try).

What I forgot to put in for the photo, is the Rainbow Loom I got. Complete with case, loads of bands, the tools and instructions. So much fun!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Made to Move Ariel

I thrifted a Disney store Ariel doll for 50 cents!

Her neck post was starting to crack, so I thought she would be perfect for a MTM body.

Ariel is my favorite princess!

The side of her head is missing a few plugs, but not enough to warrant rerooting. Some strategic combing or a pair of glasses should hide it. I couldn't get my phone camera to focus on it correctly, and my camera battery was charging. Oh, well.

Made to move bodies are hard to come by in my town, and this was the last of the blonde haired bodies I had left. I have to order more or drive to the city if I want to get more, especially with the post Christmas empty shelves.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Barbie shoe Keychain

I made a keychain out of my Barbie shoe singles!

Turned out pretty good for my first try.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Empty Walmart shelves

Walmart is pretty much the only place to get new toys in our town, besides Mastermind toys (but it can be pretty pricy) and the Dollar stores.

Was out shopping with the kids yesterday and today, and there were lots of empty toy shelves.

There was not one box left of the Lego friends, Lego elves, Lego princesses, and was slim picking for the Monster high Mega Bloks.

There were practically no Monster High dolls except the budget dolls and the minis.

Even the Barbies were slim.

Lots of Sparkle Girls and Shopkins, though.

I hope it's just a case of post Christmas lack of restocking!

How about anywhere else?

On the upside, I found some cool things at the Dollarama.

Some Barbie Rock'n Royals Chelsea dolls and Monster High Mega Bloks figures (surprising amount of articulation!)

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Doll Room in a box

I think I'm done all I want to do on my first box.

I made a little popsicle stick chair and painted it the same color as the shelves. The idea is that all the furniture should fit inside the box when it's closed for storage, but the chair is just a tad too big (or, maybe the box is a tad too small).

I took an idea from Jamie's Toy Blog to make the paper craft tablet and phone.

Here it is with a thrifted doll with a dress made from a sock and handmade felt boots from a vintage pattern.

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