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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Monster High Repaint

Remember this girl?

Well, I finally decided to change her face, after looking at her purple hair and flowery face paint for long enough.  While I did like the purple hair, I didn't think it really suited the whole my-arm-is-a-chainsaw look.  Plus I thought maybe I should actually finish one of my started projects.

I though brown would go with her green skin tone, but didn't have any brown hair, and didn't feel like ordering any at this point in time.  So...I opted for this brown yarn from my stash.

It took almost a whole day to just root the perimeter of her head with the yarn.  I quit there, and decided to pull her hair back into a pony tail, which covered her scalp that I painted brown.

Ready to repaint the face.  I wasn't really sure where I wanted to start.  She has pointy ears, so I thought maybe some kind of elf?  I googled warrior elf faces but nothing really stood out to me.  What kind of elf has a chainsaw arm, anyway?  Hmm.

She's a work in progress...and my first time repainting a Monster High doll face.  I tried the water color pencils, but I don't think I had enough Krylon to make them stick.  I was worried about getting too much and having a sticky face (that's what happened to a previous Barbie repaint of mine), so I just continued with acrylics and gave up with the pencils.  

Anyone have any suggestions for her face?  Warrior paint?  I want to add a scar of some sort to the side of her face I think.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Our Generation mini dolls

Okay, so this isn't the photo dump I was talking about doing. I went into a local toy shop the other day while I was killing some time before I could pick up my kiddos, and well, now some things link together for a cohesive post.

I got these two little dolls at a thift shop, in a package with a LPS Blythe doll (not shown here).  At first I thought they were mini American Girls, but the tags were cut off so I wasn't entirely sure.  I tried to Google but didn't come up with much.  Sometimes my Google-fu just fails me.

I was in the toy shop and stumbled across this display:

The Our Generation minis...they have been renamed to "Lori" by Our Generation.

Ooh...they even have some with pets.  How cute!  Fashion packs!  Score!

 While I was there, I also remembered why I purposely avoid that store.  So much stuff I wanted...but also expensive.  For example:

The Corolle dolls...very pricey.  They had a display of extra fashion packs as well.  

 Anyhoo...I picked up two of the fashion packs and another doll (just in case the dolls I have were older and maybe the body shape had changed...'cuz...ya never know!), and took them home with me to play.

 I also wanted to try the outfits on this little Madame Alexander doll I got at a thrift shop for 25 cents.  Yes, she needs a spa day, I'm workin' on that.  There torsos and feet seem similarly sized, but the Our Generation dolls have thicker waists and shorter limbs.  I remembered Emily from the Toy Box Philosopher did a review of these dolls, and I went and read it again.  I sure miss her posts.  I hope she is well.

The outfits are:  Wonderfully Warm, Glam Gal, and the doll's name is Naomi.  I've left her in the box for now.

The glasses don't fit as well in real life as in the photos.  The pictures are really cute!

Glam Girl out of the box.

The outfit *almost* fits.  The skirt is loose, and the shirt is a bit tight.  The shoes fit perfect, though!
These girls kinda stand a little funny, almost pigeon toed.  I couldn't get her to stand on her own.  I tried to tuck the glasses in under her hair band.

I thought this outfit would be harder to get on, since the arm warmers are attached to the sleeve, but it wasn't.  Look at that cute little infinity scarf!!
I didn't feel like fighting with the ear muffs AND the glasses, so I opted for just the ear muffs.

 Yay!  Now my dolls aren't nekkid anymore.

 Here is the link for Emily's review of the minis:

 Oh...may I ask you fellow bloggers a question?  How do I put the link into a single word, as I've seen others do.  You know, the "click HERE to read this"...and the word redirects to the page?

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I'm Lazy

So I'm lazy and haven't posted much lately.  So I'll just leave this here while I work on a photo dump:

Have a great day!