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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Ever After High turned Shoppie

I had an idea for a repaint the other day, and went ahead with it.  I've not done too many repaints, so it was practice for me, also.

I have an EAH Apple White (I think?) doll, and her hair kind of reminds me of a Shopkins Shoppies doll (like Rainbow Kate meets Popette).

Rainbow Kate, image from Google image search

Poppette, image from Google image search

I started with soft pastels (my first attempt at blushing), and then watercolor pencils to outline where I wanted things.  I used Krylon Matte Spray (I can't get MSC in my area, and I haven't bothered to order any yet, shipping is expensive).

 Then I moved on to acrylic paints.

 The finished product.

I'm not entirely happy, but I sealed it all anyway.  It was good practice.  One of her eyes ended up bigger than the other, and I think I should have started her mouth lower down or maybe wider, to try and hide the factory molding better.  I also think I should have made her eyes more round.

I also don't have an outfit for her.

Thanks for looking.

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