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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

OMG you Guuuuys!! She-Ra!

I was out thrifting today, and found a little plastic bag with some figures in it, for $1.50 (and was 50% off that!!).  I knew right away what they were and tossed the bag in my basket.

I had She-Ra as a child, also Catra and her horse, and Frosta.  Sadly, all that remains to this day is the horse, Storm.

So I was really excited to find these.  Even if they are missing accessories.  I was about to Google the characters and dolls (since there are two different She-Ras), but then remembered there is a whole section about She-Ra in my Mattel fashion dolls guide!!

First up is She-Ra:

Then Angella:

Then Glimmer:

Her curly hair is in pretty amazing shape

Storm, from my own shelf:

I believe it's actually called "Silver Storm"based on the accessories, missing the bridle piece 
Here are the two She-Ras.  The one on the right has more articulation of the head, and both arms move simultaneously.  I figured out she is "Starburst She-Ra".

The odd duck out was this doll with green hair:

She does not have any markings on her for year or company, or even country.  Her hair is an amazing color of green, the photos do not do it justice.  Sadly, she's had a bad hack job haircut, and one of her eyes is smudged.  Her elastic hips are also very loose.

Anyone recognize her??  Please let me know if you do!!

Here is the reference book I used:

Thanks for stopping by!

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