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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Vintage Davtex Reroot/Partial Repaint

A while ago, I bought a bag of what appeared to be vintage Barbies.  As it turned out, they weren't Barbies, but Farbies (aka clones).  I didn't find this one overly attractive (her head was a weird shape, I thought).  I finally got around to do something about it this past couple weeks.

First thing I did was reroot her.  Her original hair had a nasty texture.  I couldn't tell if it had been a bubble cut, or if it had been, just cut.

I decided on an auburn color from my stash of hair from  After I finished, something still didn't look right.  I had forgotten to take a photo of the part before I cut all her hair out, and I couldn't find the part line after I got all the hair in.  Boo.  Then I realized if she HAD originally been a bubble, I have no idea how to style that, nor do I like it.  The I saw the little line on her forehead, as if that's where it would have been rooted if she'd been a swirl ponytail doll...

Ta da!!  Much better!  I realized after I did this part, that it was the super high forehead that wasn't doing her any favors.

I clipped up her hair to see what she would look like with a ponytail!  I thought pretty good!

I also touched up her eye and lip paint, and gave her some clothes.

She is wearing one of the new "one size fits all" Barbie fashions, and dollar store shoes.  She was hard to find shoes that fit half decent!  Her feet are smaller than most of the Barbie shoes I have.

The stand I made out of one of those balloon sticks, a jar lid, some felt, some wire, and some ribbon.

I'm trying to sell her locally, as I don't collect clones, but she's kinda starting to grow on me...maybe I'll call her Audrey for now.

Thanks for looking!!

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